Yet Another Compression Test

With this test I’m checking the compatibility of some compression algos I use. To participate in this test:

  1. Download this ZIP archive:
  2. Unzip it to any folder
  3. Install all three setups one after another
  4. Write down installation time and verification results
  5. Post your results in comments in the following form:

    – CPU type
    – RAM amount
    – Time 1, Result
    – Time 2, Result
    – Time 3, Result
    – AVs/Firewalls present

Example of report:

– Intel i5 6600
– 16 GB
– 0:04, OK
– 0:21, Stuck
– 0:35, Failed
– Windows Defender Off

In normal environment on modern CPUs all three installers should succeed, but I need more info on older CPUs. So if you have an access to such a hardware – please test installers on it too.

Thanks in advance.

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