Decompression Test #2 – STRESS IT!

OK, here’s the deal. You’ve helped me a lot with the first decompression test (and you already have new repacks with new fast and efficient algo). But now I need MORE, haha ?

This particular decompression test is a stress one. The main purpose of it is to determine how good my future repacks will install when PC is low on RAM or have RAM very fragmented.

Download these RARs:

Unpack them and run setup-ram-test-1.exe & setup-ram-test-2.exe one after another (order doesn’t matter). Write down installation times.

Then you have to create a low/fragmented RAM stress situation on your PC. It’s not that easy task as it seems. Well, you can easily EAT RAM, but make it fragmented…

So, if you’re really into test – do the following.

  1. OPTIONAL – Disable page file (swap/virtual memory) – you will need to restart your PC
  2. Open Task Manager and switch to Perfomance Tab, see “Physical Memory” block?
  3. Run as many different apps as possible. Chrome with lots of plugins and open tabs would be great. The more different memory-eating apps you have – the better. Several games would be nice too. Even antivirus (which I hate) would be a good addition, cause it’s checks fragmentise the memory
  4. Your target here is to lower “Available” to 512 Mb or less
  5. If you launched everything you could think of – go to “RAM Eater x64” or “RAM Eater x86” folder unpacked along with test files and run one or more BAT-s. Start with 512 MB ones, eating your RAM chunk by chunk. You can run as many bats as you want. To stop any BAT from eating, just press CTRL+C or close the CMD window
  6. When your system will become slow and poorly responsive – it’s time to run the installers again

Write down the results of installations, even if one or both of them will crash. It’s important!

Report sample

CPU: Intel i5 6600
RAM: 16 GB
Pagefile: 16 GB
Test 1 Normal Installation Time: 1:10
Test 2 Normal Installation Time: 0:54
Test 1 Stress Installation Time: 2:56
Test 2 Stress Installation Time: crashed (crc error)

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