Here’s a little FAQ about me, since I’m making repacks from 2014 and I’m getting a lot of similar questions.

Q: Are you a girl?
A: [sigh] Next question, please.

Q: When will you crack game N?
A: Never. I’m not a cracker, I’m a repacker. I can’t even program things. My knowledge is about compression, not cracking.

Q: Please-please-please repack game M, I want it so much!
A: I don’t accept requests. I mean it. Don’t ask me to make a certain repack, I will ignore it. Wait for “Day of Requests”, when I allow requesting.

Q: How do you decide to make a repack for a certain game?
A: Too many variables in each decision: the complexity of the game, compressibility, weather, and so on.

Q: Could you please reupload and repack Z – all magnets, torrents, and file hosters are dead!
A: If this repack was released more than 3 months ago – sorry, no reuploads and no seeding. My seedboxes are space limited and I don’t have enough donations to get more.

Q: What’s your name and where do you live?
A: My name is not important and currently I live in Latvia, though I was born in Russia and lived there for almost all my childhood.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?
A: I didn’t, don’t, and won’t have a Facebook page. The same applies to Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else. This site is the only official FitGirl Repacks source. If you happen to come here from the “Facebook FitGirl Page” – you’ve been fooled by an imposter.

Q: Why do you make repacks?
A: I found data compression fascinating. Yes, it’s very strange for a girl, but as you already noticed, I’m not a usual girl.

Q: How do you compress games? With what tools?
A: I use mostly FreeArc for compression and Inno Setup as an installer. Some games require other compressors, but in 99.9% of cases, it’s FreeArc.

Q: I also want to make repacks, what would you recommend?
A: Brace yourself, young padawan. Here’s the shortlist of sites you should visit:

Q: What other repackers would you recommend?
A: RG Mechanics, RG Revenants, RG Catalyst, Xatab, El Amigos, Kapital Sin, KaosKrew (rips). You’re pretty safe with those.