The Sims 4 Bug Test


Right now the common denominator for all users with 65.1% problem is the RAM. Absolute majority of reports comes from 4/8 GB users, usually on old/cheap laptops. I suspect, that all of those, who report that, either have no virtual memory set at all or set it very low. So, here are the steps to test:

1) Set virtual memory to static size of 12-16 GB (see my troubleshooting guide)
2) Close ALL RAM-eating apps, especially browsers.
3) Run installer with Windows 7 compatibility
4) Check “Limit to 2 GB RAM” in installer

The reason the previous repacks installed and this one doesn’t is that the game size reached the size, when much more memory is required for decompression. Xatab’s repack uses very outdated compression techniques, that’s why it requires much less RAM and works OK on low-end machines.

The latest repack of The Sims 4 seems to be buggy on many users machines for reasons unknown. Cause I didn’t even change the compression technique for at least two latest builds of TS4. Since I can’t replicate the notorious “65.1% hang bug” on systems I have access to, the only way is to rebuild the repack from the scratch using slightly different tools. But to find the tool which won’t cause the same bug, I need you to do some tests for me.

The Sims 4 Test Set 347 MB

Please download the test set, unzip it and run four setups one after another. They will take less than a minute combined (if extracted successfully). Then please leave a report with answers of the following questions.

1) Did you install the latest TS4 repack? YES/NO
2) Did you experience the “65.1%” bug? YES/NO
3) If you answered YES to the second question, did you try Windows 7 compatibility and “2 GB RAM Limit” option in the installer? YES/NO/DIDN’T NEED IT
4) Did Test 1 installed successfully? YES/NO
5) Did Test 2 installed successfully? YES/NO
6) Did Test 3 installed successfully? YES/NO
7) Did Test 4 installed successfully? YES/NO
8) Your OS, CPU and RAM amount

Example report:

1) YES
2) YES
3) NO
4) NO
5) YES
6) NO
7) YES
8) Windows 10 build 1709, i5-6600, 8 GB

Thanks for participation.

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