DMC5-related Decompression Test

Some users experience missing audio after installing of my DMC5 repack. This happens due to some of the software not working properly on those PCs. I need to check one theory, cause I don’t have such problem on both machines I have access to.

Please participate in this test ONLY if you have a problem mentioned above.

1) Download this small .zip –
2) Unpack it and run test.bat
3) If everything is OK, you will see small report like this:

12.03.2019  01:09           478 235 test1.fgu
12.03.2019 01:09 478 235 test2.fgu
12.03.2019 01:09 494 979 test3.fgu
12.03.2019 01:09 494 979 test4.fgu

If some error will happen, those numbers will be zeroes or no files at all.

In any case, please write your results and add your system specs. I need to know:

  • Your CPU type
  • OS version+build
  • Type of antivirus, if you’re using one (including default Windows Defender)
  • Was installation of DMC5 completely OK for you or you don’t have audio?
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