Russian Movies Weekend #7

Today I present you another two examples of Russian cinema culture. The first one… I don’t like it much, too simple. But somehow a new story under this title is being released every year, so modern Russia likes it.

And the second animation is a pretty good short, based on Ukrainian folk stories. The voice of the wolf is… something.

Yolki / Ёлки / New Year Trees (2010)

Genres/Tags: Comedy
iMDB Rating: 6.3 out of 10 (based on 2721 ratings)
Director: imur Bekmambetov, Yaroslav Chevazhevskiy + 3 more…
Starring: Dmitry Medvedev (Russian president atm), Alina Bulynko, Sergey Pokhodaev…
Budget: ~5.5 M USD
MKV Size: 1.4 GB
Video format: h264, 1040×442
Languages: Russian Audio, English subtitles


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Yolki (Russian: Ёлки, meaning New Year Trees), also known as Six Degrees of Celebration, is a 2010 Russian comedy film directed by Timur Bekmambetov. As of 2017, six films have been made in the series. It is the most successful non-animated film franchise in Russia.

The films in the series represent a Russian tradition of the New Year’s Movie where films that take place during the holiday season tap into the vein of hope, optimism, and possibility associated with New Year’s in the Russian culture.

There once was a Dog / Жил-был пёс (1982)

Genres/Tags: Short animation
Director: Eduard Nazarov
Video format: YouTube
Languages: Russian Audio, English subtitles




The day comes when an old watchdog becomes useless but the masters…

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