Russian Movies Weekend #2

The Mediator (Посредник), 1990 – by Vladimir Potapov

– Short TV Series in 3 parts

“In an ordinary industrial Soviet town, notable only for presence of a radio-telescope, people start behaving strangely, in a robotic manner, while assuming geometry-inspired aliases and organizing into a new hierarchy.”

This movie was released in 1990, but I’ve watched it for the first time around 5-7 years ago. It’s pretty rare one, cause it was made for television only and the release has happened just one year before the USSR disappearance. I don’t want to spoil you the story and urge you not to google it. If you like Andrei Tarkovsky vision, this flick looks pretty similar and for me was a scary experience. Please don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments.

Armenian Animation

Those short animations were made in early 80x by “Armenfilm” studio. Armenia was a part of the Soviet Union then, so these movies are considered as a Soviet Heritage. I must say that those cartoons are not mainstream, but I hope you’ll love them, like I do.

There are more like this, probably someone will share those in comments.

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