Day of Requests: Stage 1

I know you’ve been waiting for this for a quite time. Yes! The Great Day of Requests is here!

It’s divided into two stages. The first one you’re looking at, will end on 21:00 (UTC). While this stage is active, you can name the games you want to be repacked as a single post. You can nominate no more than 3 games, each one in it’s own comment. If you nominate more than 3 games, I or KnowingEyes will delete all your nominations. Before posting your nominees, check if they were already posted, duplicates will be deleted too.

Each post with a name can and should be be upvoted by users, so the more votes the game/post receive, the higher chances for it to pass to a Second Stage, which will start several hours after the first ends. You can upvote any number of games, no limits here.

In the Second Stage Top 30 games which will receive most votes will be put on a separate poll. And Top 7 of the winners will be repacked by me in the near future. I’m not making any promises on the dates, though, since those repacks will have a lower priority compared to fresh releases.

Some notes:

  • You can ask any game you want – it can be a game I never repacked or a game you want to be updated
  • Don’t ask for games which has not been cracked yet. Posts will be deleted. You can check the crack status here.
  • Don’t ask for series, those will be ignored
  • All comments but nominations will be deleted as spam
  • No porn/adult games are allowed for nominating/voting. I make those repacks when I feel so ?
  • Votes will be check after First Stage end for bots involvement, so don’t be stupid

Nominating is now closed and only upvoting/downvoting is allowed for a few hours before the second stage will begin.

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