Why I don’t repack Final Fantasy XV?

Since my “Upcoming Repack” topic is horded by similar requests, here is my answer.

I don’t repack 3DM release of FFXV, cause it’s not complete. Their version is based on Origin preload and the crack is not actually a crack, but an EXE file from official game demo.

While you can play the campaign till the very end, ALL DLCs but 4K Textures/Videos are not usable, alternative endings and other content from Royal Edition are also can’t be activated. So with that release you’ll miss quite a piece of the game.

Since I focus on quality, it would be very stupid idea to make a repack based on obviously not complete release. The Steam version, which was released yesterday, has almost 53 GB of changed files and a newer general build number. Yes, it’s not cracked and nobody knows, when it will be. But that is not the reason for me to break my rules. You may get the repack from some other repacker/group with lower quality standards, I don’t care.

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