The Day of Requests: Part 1

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  1. The following games CANNOT be requested and will be IGNORED while combining the poll:
    • Games I already repacked (doesn’t matter if there are newer versions available)
    • Game series/anthologies/compilations
    • Bypassed games (i.e. Forza Horizon 3)
    • Uncracked games (i.e. Gears of War 4)
    • Console games (i.e. PS3, PS4, WiiU exclusive titles)
    • Games older than 10 years
    • Multiplayer-only games
    • Not-released games (Early Access, Alphas, Betas, etc.)
    • Games with encrypted resources (i.e. Homefront: Revolution).
  2. One person can request only one game – IP/behaviour logging are be in place for checking. Read other requests before typing anything to make no dupes. Several requests made by bots or same persons won’t get to poll at all.
  3. Posts, containing ANYTHING but game title, will be ignored.

Full rules of TDoR available here.

Requests part closed, combining the poll.

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