SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye

#3327 SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye

Genres/Tags: Adventure, First-person, 3D, Horror
Companies: 7TaleZ, 100 Creepy Tales
Languages: ENG/MULTI3
This ass requires Windows 10/11
Original Size: 3.4 GB
Repack Size: 2.4 GB

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Repack Features

  • Based on SHIRIME.The.Curse.of.Butt-Eye-DOGE ISO release: wow-shirime.the.curse.of.butt-eye.iso (3,638,341,632 bytes)
  • 100% Lossless & MD5 Perfect: all files are identical to originals after installation
  • NOTHING ripped, NOTHING re-encoded
  • Significantly smaller archive size (compressed from 3.4 to 2.4 GB)
  • Installation takes 1-3 minutes (depending on your system)
  • After-install integrity check so you could make sure that everything installed properly
  • HDD space after installation: 3.4 GB
  • Language can be changed in game settings
  • Repack uses compression library by Razor12911
  • At least 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for installing this repack
Game Description
SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye is the story of a Yokai called Shirime.

This is the first chapter in a series of horror games – 7TaleZ – based on Japanese folklore.

As the protagonist John, your objective is to find your missing girlfriend Sharon in the creepy Shirime Forest. However, your journey is not without peril as you are stalked by the eerie and malevolent yokai, Shirime.

To survive, you’ll need to hide and run to evade Shirime’s pursuit, making sure to pay attention to your surroundings and use the environment to your advantage.

The gameplay focuses on exploration, survival horror, and evasion elements. Your primary objective is to collect pages scattered throughout the forest that will reveal the story behind Sharon’s disappearance.

However, each page you collect increases the intensity of Shirime’s pursuit, making it harder to progress. You’ll need to use your wits to evade and outrun Shirime while exploring the forest and finding new pages.

Speaking of the Yokai Shirime, the kanji is written as (shiri) means “buttocks” or “rear end,” while (me) means “eye.” So, literally translated, Shirime means “butt eye.”

THE CURSE OF BUTT-EYE is a challenging and engaging horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Can you uncover the truth about Sharon’s disappearance and escape the curse of Shirime?

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