Process Lasso – The program everyone must use

I wanted to share that piece of info a long time ago, but always was busy with something else.  But now it’s time.

I dunno, how people still can live without this program. I use it for many years and it’s an absolute must for anyone, who is using the PC for anything but Word/Excel. ESPECIALLY for those, who play games and install heavy repacks.

This software is called Process Lasso and it’s not unique of it’s kind, there are similar ones, you can google them. But I personally tried a few of them and still think PL is the best.

So, what does ot basically do? It allows running of any application with a set priority/CPU affinity and KEEPING them that way. While foreground applications get the higher priority. What does it mean for you as a user? It means that you can, say, installing my repack while having no problems with browsing, watching videos, etc.

Process Lasso have a whole lot of other features – you can read some reviews or Wikipedia. But really, stop and download it already. It’s free and only nags you sometimes with a proposal of buying the full version.

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