New Google Drive Test

Since Google Drive links are easily reported and DMCAed, Hermietkreeft and Anadius have developed a workaround, which allows copying his Google Drive files to your Google Drive w/o exposing the origional file ids, so they couldn’t be reported and removed. This method will ensure GD links to stay alive forever.

So here’s Hermietkreeft’s message to you.

Welcome to my test.To participate. simply enter.

When you enter the site you will see “get auth” and “paste auth code here”
Click “get auth” and login into the Google Account you want to copy it to (unfortunately, this method doesn’t allow downloading w/o active Google Account).

Click allow on rclone. You will now see the auth code. Copy it and paste it into “Paste auth code here”

Click continue. You will see the stats of your account.

Simply paste the encrypted folder id and copy some/all files to your own drive.

Encrypted folder id:

Please comment on how the experience was.
Was it fast?
What can be improved?
Where do you live?
Thank you for participating to my test!


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