GTA V Ultra Repack v2.1x Details

As you could notice, I like to improve my repacks over time – both compression ratio and installation speed. I’ve waited pretty long for RELOADED to crack an updated GTAV version, but unfortunately it’s yet to happen. But I needed to check the new tools and algos on my favorite toy…

So, tomorrow I will release an updated v2.1x repack for GTAV. Look at the comparison table to see what have been changed.

 Game version is still v1.0.877.1/v1.36 Ultra Repack v2.1 Ultra Repack v2.1x
Repack Size 36 GB 35.2 GB
Installation Time, 8-cores CPU + HDD* ~2 hours 20 min ~1 hour 20 min
Installation Time, 4-cores CPU + HDD* ~3 hours ~2 hours
Installation Time, 2-cores CPU + HDD* ~4 hours ~2 hours 40 min
Required Free Space during Installation 114 GB 69 GB

As you can see, all metrics have improved. New repack is smaller, installs faster, require less space during installation.

And you’ll be able to rehash 21.3 GB of existing data to save on download.

* On SSD installation speed will be 10-25% faster, so on modern i7s one can get installation time below one hour.

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