From repacking to hacking


See that face? Now you know how serious hackers look!

One of my users sent me a link to this Discord chat. And it really made my evening. By the looks of this chat I can tell that CorePacks server was hacked/or down for a several days now. And some idiots in that chat really think that hacking servers is just as easy as running a WordPress blog.

Special prize goes to someone named ARKN, he’s the genius one. I guess he was molested or tortured by some dark hair girl in his childhood, and now he became obsessed. Or perverted, I don’t know what happens in that cases.

But still, fun read. Scroll back the chat to read it in full.
As a bonus, you’ll find links to CorePack repacks in there, if you’re a fan ?

PS: B00! Y0U’VE B33N HACK3D. See, now I can even type as hackers!

PPS: If you want more fun, click here. ARKN decided to put a dispute with me, but missed a little (for kids it’s OK to miss for the first time ?

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