DOOM: IDDQD Repack details


So, when my poll showed, that many of you would like to see ripped version of DOOM, without multiplayer and SnapMap editor, I started to work on it. But since I don’t like the idea of ripping and prefer to give YOU a choice, I’ve managed to make not a rip, but a proper new repack, which allows you to download the game in any form you like – with or without MP and/or SnapMap, as I did with giant Black Ops 3 repack.

And I didn’t spent my time for nothing. Here are the features of upcoming DOOM IDDQD Repack (named after an infamous cheat code in original DOOM, which gave you a God Mode).

  • Smallest lossless rip/repack in the world: the minimum size is just 27.6 GB, while complete game with Credits/MP/SnapMap is 38.3 GB, 400 MBs smaller, then the previous repack.
  • Faster installation. Installation time reduced by 10-50%, depending on your hardware. Optimized compression and lower HDD load as a free bonus ?
  • Selective download of optional components: Multiplayer files (for possible future cracks/servers/whatever), SnapMap (so you can create maps if you wish), and Credits video (contains spoilers!). Of course, language selection is intact, as always. Only Premium Service for my dear users ?

There is only one downside with new IDDQD Repack. It’s absolutely backwards incompatible with initial repack due to changed compression scheme and new selective download options.

As for delivery time. I hope to release it tomorrow. But if you already downloaded the first repack, there is no need for a new one. Only if you want to replace the old with new in your collection.

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