Assassin’s Creed: Origins Repack Vote

As you may know, I didn’t post my repack of the latest Assassin’s Creed: Origins build due to it’s incompatibility with some PCs, including two PCs (with Windows 7 and 10). Yesterday CODEX scene group released a CrackFix, which should be used by people, for whom the first crack didn’t work. For me the new crackfix works in Windows 10, but still doesn’t work in Windows 7. I also see same “crash” reports in CrackWatch Reddit. I don’t know if this crackfix is the last one from CODEX and if it will be ever updated again with the next crackfix. So, here’s the poll.

Mind you, that in case you vote pro posting, I will save links to original CPY repack in case the new repack won’t work for you either with initial CODEX crack or their crackfix.

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