A warning to all MegaUpload users!

Thanks to this comment today I’ve been informed, that MegaUpload has a bug. It adds unnecessary bytes to the end of each uploaded file. This makes my BIN-files unextractable. I’ve informed MegaUpload about it, but don’t know if they will be able to fix it, and when.

So, as a temporary measure, if you’re downloading big files from MegaUpload, and they aren’t RARs (those are safe for extracting), but BINs or EXEs, make sure you rehash downloaded files with torrents I provide. Hashing will remove bad bytes and will make archives extractable.

Huge thanks to Sevic, who discovered this!

Update: I was informed by MegaUpload team, that the bug was fixed, so future uploads have to be good. I’ll check some old ones and if they are bad, will reupload and update all links. This will take some time, though.

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